Introduction to Computer Fundamentals

This great introductory course is designed to familiarize Software Testing (QA) Professionals with the basics of testing web applications up to speed
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Course Overview

This course is a prerequisite for software testing (QA) professionals where students will understand computer software application architecture and fundamentals of a variety of computer software. Upon completing this course, students will be able to proceed into the software testing (QA) professionals course. This course is designed to bring students up to speed quickly with the fundamentals necessary to enter the software testing (QA) professionals. This course reinforces students’ knowledge of computer basics through concepts needed to progress to Manual Software Testing. Emphasis is on Networking, Web Development and Database. Modules include fundamentals of computer software, fundamentals of operating system, Computer Software and Application Architecture. Students will learn much needed key IT concepts. Hands-on exercises will cover writing simple Web page and write query for Databases.

  • Basic computer skills
  • • Define basic computer terminology and describe networking
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Html and XML language
  • • Demonstrate knowledge of database and SQL language
  • Quality Assurance Professional

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Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Computer

  • Computer Basic
  • Computer Architecture 1
  • Computer Architecture 2

Fundamentals of Computer Networking

  • Introduction
  • Lecture
  • Introduction

Introduction to HTML

  • Html 01
  • Html 02
  • Html 03
  • Html 04
  • Html 05
  • Html 06

Introduction to Database and SQL

  • Database 01
  • Database 02
  • Database 03
  • Database 04-1
  • Database 04-2
  • Database 05
  • Database 06
  • Database 07
  • Database 08
  • Database 09




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